We are a young technology company with a passion for Czech agriculture. We grew up on family farms and we know this environment well. We help farmers digitize their business and save time and money. We believe that the products we work on every day help not only them, but also thanks to better resource management, as a result, the Czech landscape. We are remotely friendly, there is an office in Přibyslav, but we have colleagues all over the Czech Republic. The main office is online (slack/meet/phone).

We are currently looking for new colleagues in the following positions:

Consultant / Trader

All regions of the Czech Republic

A tractor isn't just a strange machine for you to get in the way of the roads? CRM isn't a scarecrow, but a helper? Do you always have your phone at hand and like to get some fresh air in your work?

We are looking for traders who are not afraid to drive to the customer's field and believe that modern technologies can change everything. You will sell a unique and proven product for Czech farmers.

A must is your own car and phone, ideal for ŽL. If you drive a lot and get results, your own car is available.

The reward is CZK 20-40,000 per monthdepending on the performance.

We are looking for new colleagues for this position in all regions of the Czech Republic.

If you already have a job where you meet farmers regularly, we are also looking for partners outside this position, bringing us new business opportunities on agreed terms.

Contact me at 774 066 255 or write to lukas.musil@agdata.ag.

Javascript developer

Přibyslav, remote

We need help mainly with the front end, but we also have a lot of work to do on the backend of the website and servers that bite data from GPS units and sensors. We write in ES6, backend website and mobile application runs on Meteor, the front is Blaze, all new components arealready written in Vue.js. The mobile apka is Cordova (we build for both Android and iOS). Most of the data is MongoDB.

The servers are built on Nodejs and must evaluate in real time the movement of all GPS units and other sensors connected to the platform. Where it makes sense for us to run on Docker, the sources are on Bitbucket.

The ideal colleague is an experienced JS full stack developer, if you're more likely to get in touch with junior, but it's going to take a while at the beginning. If you are only interested in backend or vice versa only frontend, never mind, we have interesting projects in both areas.

If you're a classic PHP fullstack developer and you're wondering if you're going to jump into JS, this is a great opportunity, we'll appreciate your experience in classic dev web and help with all this JS stuff.

We expect you to talk about everything, we're a small start-up, so it's easy to talk to everyone directly. You won't have to jump from project to project, we're not a custom dev/body shop agency, our only product is Agdata, we need you to really dive in with us.

You will not wait 14 days for an answer, a quick phone call or a Skype call where we will tell each other what and how to wait no later than the next day, when you call us. If you like us and you like us, you can start working literally in a few days.

At the beginning, we will need more intensive contact so that you get to know us and then also with the platform. After a few weeks you will have the option of a complete remote, the main office is Slack/Git/Trello/Meet/Phone.

Contact me at 777 66 19 22 or write to the jiri.musil@agdata.ag, I take care of the development of the application part in Agdata and we will be in contact in case of cooperation especially together.

Creator of customer success


The customer is everything to us. We get up and fall asleep so that every user of ours is as satisfied as possible with our products, knows how to use them well and knows that they can contact us at any time.

We're looking for someone on the team to share these values. Your day job will be to communicate with customers, you will be their advisor and guide in our products, so we need enough enthusiasm for technology and a positive relationship with agriculture. We need an active knowledge of mainstream Internet services and the ability to quickly get used to new ones. You'll need to know agdata better than your shoes. But you will have enough time and our support to learn everything.

Communication will also include the creation of content, articles describing specific functions, instructional videos on social networks, screencasts. We're looking for someone who's attracted to this, and it's not a punishment job for him.

We welcome your ideas on what could be improved in relation to customers, we expect that if you see a potentially problematic place somewhere, you will actively solve it and not wait for the customer to discover the problem.

We're a young start-up, we're growing and we're looking for a hearts team. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a job whose sole purpose is income, we're not the right choice.

If you want to try a lot of new things and be part of a project that changes Czech agriculture, contact me at 777 66 19 22 or write to jiri.musil@agdata.ag.

Contact us on kariera@agdata.ag