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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have at
+420 739 350 021 (weekdays 9-17h)

    We usually get back to you within a few minutes, but no later than the second working day.


    Can I order Agdata GPS with a different cable length?2017-05-18T15:12:54+01:00

    Yes, on request, we will be happy to shorten or extend the cable to your specified length. When extending to more than 5m, we charge a fee of CZK 40 /m.

    What is the accuracy of Agdata GPS?2024-07-17T14:39:59+01:00

    GPS accuracy is about 1 m and is affected by many factors, especially GPS location or weather. Detailed technical specifications are available from us.

    Which mobile network do sim cards use in Agdata GPS?2017-05-18T14:04:35+01:00

    The standard Agdata GPS are equipped with a sim card connected to the T-mobile network. On request, we also supply Agdata GPS with sim cards connected to the Vodafone network.

    Can Agdata GPS be installed in secret?2017-05-18T15:19:39+01:00

    Yes, it is. Hidden installation can be arranged either on your own, in which case we will supply you with GPS without terminals up to a 12V lighter, or we will arrange installation using a technician that will reach your farm.

    Is the use Agdata.cz safe?2024-04-17T10:48:58+01:00

    Yes, the transmission of all data between the user's computer and Agdata.cz servers is secured with strong AES128 encryption. The servers are located in ISO 9001:2009 and ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified data centres in the Czech Republic with continuous physical monitoring.