Agdata is an agricultural system that will keep you up to date with your farm at all times and everywhere. It is available from both the browser and mobile phone. It allows easy planning of crops, field work, real estate management or, for example, automatic recording of activities. It draws important data from the agricultural registers of the Farmer's Portal and ČÚZK and is closely connected tomany physical devices such as GPS or wireless sensors , which continuously provide you with telematics of your machines or information about warehouse conditions in real time.



Use economic GPS units, machine chips and tractor operatorsto save the amount of time you otherwise spend on routine recording of every field work . As soon as the tractor equipped with a GPS unit starts work on the plot, Agdata will record basic information about the tractor driving in the field for you, in case of using the ID chips, they will also recognize what type of field work it is and store information about the connected aggregation and the driver. In addition, you can monitor the progress of your work in real time in your browser, so you always have an overview of the progress of the work.


The Agdata mobile app is a full-fledged Agdata system in your pocket. It is available for both Android and iOS.

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Managing real estate is very easy with Agdata. The registration of tenant contracts allows you to have a perfect overview of leased areas, their owners, contract statuses, prices, validity dates or rent payments. The system will notify you by email as many days in advance as you set up for upcoming important dates such as the end of the contract or the payment for the rent. You will not be surprised by the change of owner or other modification of the cadastre of the affected plots, every day you will receive an overview of them when youfind changes , so you will be able to react quickly.



Monitoring current weather, warehouse conditions and in the field is a daily routine that will be greatly facilitated by agdata online sensors. For each sensor, it is possible to set a warning when the limit values are reached or exceeded to respond to sudden changes in conditions. The sensors are wireless, use mobile networks for data transmission and last on battery for several years. They will help you protect your grain, monitor soil humidity, stock temperature or rainfall totals.


We keep warehouse management for you automatically. Based on GPS data, information about the amount of inputs used, such as plant protection products applied to the field work, we create real-time movements on stock cards. All automatically recorded movements in the warehouse can be edited or completely deleted. You enter all the information only once.



Up to twice a week you will have pictures of your fields with the current state of the cultivated crops. Several types of vegetation indices will help you improve fertilizer planning and application at the specific location of the plot. It is a matter of a few clicks to create an application map based on the current state of the crop.


Your employees and coworkers won't have to report to any "fuckers". All you have to do is have Agdata ID wireless keychain in your pocket and you'll have an overview of their movements around the workplace, arrivals, departures, and times spent at the site.



Special GPS units designed for livestock provide you with a perfect overview of the movement of the herd around the pasture. The battery lasts up to 2 years depending on the accuracy and frequency of location notifications required. Thus, it will be no problem to find the run-in animals.


Agriculture and technology are in our blood. Our team includes accredited country advisors as well as experienced IT specialists who will be happy to help you whenever needed.

"I cooperate and use the online in combination with the economic Agdata meteo station operating on the LoRa network. I have data on temperatures, rainfall totals and more so up-to-date, instantly and always at hand. And for that reason, I can help more clients."

František Muška, agricultural consultant and chlor healer, Brno

"We try to approach everything very carefully, we know that in the end everything depends on the detail, to which we can only respond with all possible information. And it is for this purpose that we use the services of and connected sensors. Only on the basis of information about the current temperature, precipitation, humidity, and others are we able to react at the right time"

Petr Kareš, orchardist

"At Agdata, we especially appreciate the automatic recording of field and meadow work via GPS, which are linked to the registration parts and other functions related to the management of the enterprise. Thanks to chips for machines and employees, we have a good overview of their movement and workload, so we can manage and control them better."

Agrokiwi, High Toll

"Agdata mainly helps me with the management of legal records. All field work is easily entered into the system once, all calculations and monitoring of limits are solved by the application for me."

Josef Zbortek, Short Ves

"Agdata's huge currency is system service, any problem is immediately solved and communicated, and any observation leading to simplified control and increased usable value is incorporated into the system. I am extremely satisfied with the access of Agdata staff and can only recommend."

Jiří Kunc, ASZ Ždár nad Sázavou

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