Czech agriculture continues to be under pressure from legislation, climate change and the search
savings to digitize, modern technologies are becoming a new necessary standard. Show
the numbers of agdata, the largest Czech company with digitization
farms and the implementation of smart sensors. At the end of 2019, its instruments
more than 1,700 farmers used it for the first time, which is about 10% of all
agriculture as a livelihood. In total, these farmers farm a fifth of the agricultural land
in the Czech Republic. Still, according to Agdata officials, the pace of digitization should be faster.

The number of farmers using Agdata's tools increased by more than
Tenth. Digital tools and peripherals have emerged both on the fields of small farms and
large enterprises, sadders and winemakers are also increasingly interested in them, they are also infiltrating livestock production.
The number of fully digitised farms – i.e. those using digital
software and IoT hardware as a normal part of your economy. Although they are represented in
units of percentage of cases, but the number has increased to roughly double year-on-year.

Currently, Agdata operates several thousand sensors and IoT devices. Most in-question
smart meteostanices have become a product, providing real-time hyperlocal
weather forecast and thus serves as a response to erratic weather conditions. On
second place is intelligent GPS navigation, allowing you to have an overview of the travels
mechanisation and plan in detail the rides of agricultural equipment, which can bring savings in
time spent in the field and fuel consumption. The third most in-question is the sensors for inspection
crops that have become the new standard in protecting crops from new pest species.

" Farmers face the greatest challenges in modern history. They have to deal with climate change
changes and fluctuations in the weather affecting the crop of virtually all cultivated crops;
brings new risks in the form of pests. At the same time, they are exposed to new pressures in the form of
regulatory regulations that adjust the way in which planting is handled. Digitalisation is therefore
it has to become a new standard, we are getting to the point where no farm can do without it,"
mentions Jiří Musil, Managing Director of Agdata. At the same time, it states that the pace of digitalisation should
be even faster in the light of the circumstances.

Czech farmers have ideal conditions for digitizing their operations. The Republic is
covered with high-quality IoT network signal, solution suppliers have many years of know-how and
the digitisation of farms is also favoured by the state. At the same time, technologies are getting cheaper and better

"Today, it is no longer a problem to buy individual components in the e-shop and install them
self-help. This will give farmers the opportunity to build and improve digital farms around the clock. With
examples of good practice are also growing in number of farms involved. That is why we assume that
the pace of digitisation will be even faster in 2020," musil finishes.