Case study

Reduction of fertilizer costs by up to 25%

Yields of winter rape higher by 2% while reducing costs by 25%.

Winter wheat yields higher by 4.2% while reducing costs by 11%.

The optical difference between winter rapeseed fields fertilized variably and uniform fertilized fields consisted in the overall alignment of the stands and definitely in the saving of fertilizer, the amount of which was reduced by about 25% compared to the uniform plan.  In wheat, no significant difference is observed, a lower volume weight cannot be excluded due to the overall lower doses of nitrogen.

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Farm 650 ha


Highly diversified food and propagation crop production (15 species in 2022)


Vlašimská pahorkatina, potato production area, 415 m above sea level, rainfall in the first half of 2022: 356 mm


Plot Crop Yield Fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers
Agronomist's note
11.88 ha Winter wheat, Butterfly 7.57 t/ha 94.6 kg N/ha (sulphate, LAD) – variable No lying down
15.43 ha Winter wheat, Butterfly 7.24 t/ha 106.3 kg N/ha (sulfan, LAD) – uniform Lying of the stand about 10%
7.48 ha Winter rapeseed, Atora 3.58 t/ha 125.7 kg N/ha (sulphate, LAD) – variable Total levelling of the stand by regenerative fertilisation
2.66 ha Winter rapeseed, Atora 3.51 t/ha 98.7 kg N/ha – (sulfan, LAD) – uniform