Case study

6% higher yield on Francl farm

By using the regenerative variable fertilization agdata VARI rapeseed on agricultural plots with worse condition, it eventually brought about 6% higher yields than plots fertilized uniform.


Francl Farm, 1500 ha


Crop and livestock production with dairy and meat cows, half of the acreage is arable land, the other half is permanent grassland.


500 m above sea level, potato production area, Upper Sázava hills, rainfall in the first half of 2022: 265 mm.

"Variable fertilization was only in trial operation within our company and was used during the period of regenerative fertilization.

Maps showed weak and slightly weak points of vegetation. During application, the dose was adjusted according to the state of the stand taken into account on the maps. For variable fertilization, 1 fertilizer application was used. During the continuous control of the condition of the stands, it was seen that the stand improved during the application of variable fertilization in the incriminated places. From the resulting yield values, it is clear that the volume of yields of individual parcels is balanced. Variably fertilized plots reach approximately the same values as plots fertilized uniform.

The vegetation of the uniform fertilized plots was in better condition from the very beginning and was therefore not included in the variable fertilization. 

Of the total amount of rapeseed sown areas (118.78 ha), the average yield was 4.33 t/ha.

Petra Vrkotová, Francl Farm


Plot Yield Technology
Spitz, 38.27 ha 4.38 t/ha Variable regenerative
Za Semerádem, 16.91 ha 4.35 t/ha Variable regenerative
Ducks, 18.96 ha 4.25 t/ha Variable regenerative
Claystones, 22.56 ha 4.43 t/ha Uniform regenerative
U hájenky, 5.91 ha 4.13 t/ha Uniform regenerative
Pod Koupalištěm, 4.81 ha 4.13 t/ha Uniform regenerative
Near the swimming pool, 4.81 ha 4.13 t/ha Uniform regenerative
Kovanda, 3.85 ha 4.43 t/ha Uniform regenerative