Online seminar digitizing agriculture

Choosea term that suits you and log in to the interactive webinar, where we will introduce you to the current possibilities of digitizing agriculture.

Benefits of online seminar

  • safe participation from the comfort of your home or office

  • we pay attention only to you

  • enough time to discuss specific questions

  • seminar is completely free of charge

  • every weekday, a choice of 4 times or

  • individual term according to your possibilities

Seminar topics

  • system for modern farm management i rodious farms

  • benefits of intelligent telematics and automatic data collection for the management of statutory and subsidy records and management of the operating economy

  • use of sensors for the protection of stored crops, microclimate monitoring in the stands or prediction of pests and diseases

  • use of satellite data for monitoring the health of vegetation

  • easy-to-use application maps for efficient variable fertilizer and POR applications

  • ... and other topics according to your interest and questions