In addition to field assistance, the digitisation of agriculture brings important relief in the necessary administration. Farmers have to deal with the assessment of their land each year, whether they are owners, users or forgers. The Czech leader in argotech startup Agdata therefore brings news that will simplify bureaucracy for farmers and give them more time to work in the field.

The date of 31 January is an important day for farmers who own land, because by this date they have to file a tax return for 2019 under Act No. 338/1992 Coll., on Real Estate Tax. Those who digitize their land are ahead of the rest. With agdata's smart field management system, they can easily manage their land administratively from the comfort of a mobile phone or computer, saving them tens of hours of otherwise laborious and tedious work. Land registration is an indispensable part of the work for all farmers who farm on land larger than 250 hectares, according to data from the startup Agdata. There are several thousand of them. However, other farmers also need help with the demarcation of the land.

"In discussions with farmers, we found that they were mainly concerned about complex land mapping and demanding solutions with the cadastral office. That's why we've included LPIS and KN maps in our land management system. The farmer can easily work with them. To this are added vector drawings, which we get from GPS. Maps can overlap each other, so the farmer always has an overview of exactly what his land looks like, where it ends and thus can easily measure it with the help of our smart system," says Lukáš Musil, Sales Director of Agdata and an accredited consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tax return management and land records are part of the Agdata ecosystem, which is designed for both small and large enterprises. The application helps generate the basis for creating a tax return, which is then filled in in a matter of clicks and does not take more than a few minutes. Thanks to the involvement of modern technologies, farmers have a better overview of their land and can devote more efficiently to their work. According to Agdata data, the efficiency of the farmers involved has improved more than fivefold, which, given the weather fluctuations and frequent droughts, demonstrates the need to use modern technologies in contemporary agriculture. Currently, more than 1,700 farmers are involved in the Agdata ecosystem, and more are constantly growing. As a result, they operate on 20% of Czech soil.