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Online education and webinars about digital farming. Farmers brace for labour shortages

The coronavirus epidemic is forcing Czech farmers to engage more and more modern technologies. Farmers are educated through online seminars or webinars mediated by the Czech agrotech startup Agdata, a leader in precision agriculture. This leads to [...]

2020-10-12T13:52:47+01:0027March 2020, 11:25|Agdata, News in Agdata.cz, Tips & Tricks|

Help in the field and with tax returns – thanks to digitization, farmers make administrative work more efficient

In addition to field assistance, the digitisation of agriculture brings important relief in the necessary administration. Farmers have to deal with the assessment of their land each year, whether they are owners, users or forgers. Czech [...]

2020-01-31T09:47:12+01:0031January 2020, 09:45|Agdata, News in Agdata.cz, Tips & Tricks|