The latest series of updates brings in particular the following important news:

  • importing third-party soil blocks from public LPIS

  • speed up loading fields and map pages

  • searching parcels and soil blocks

  • easy management of stock cards

  • more detailed information about the status of the GPS signal

Import your customers' land blocks from public LPIS

The most important novelty of the latest update is the import of soil blocks of other farmers from the public LPIS. If you provide agricultural services will now give you a real overview of the work done. To add a new customer in the cadastre, use the plus button on the If your customer has land blocks in multiple cadastral registers, you need to add each cadastre separately. This feature is now free for all users until August 31, 2017. It will then be charged according to the valid price list.

Search parcels and soil blocks

A search bar has been added to the Fields page so you can now find any parcel or soil block by cadastre, name, square, truncated code, or user. You can also search by acreage, in which case Agdata will find you all plots or soil blocks with an area in the range of one hectare smaller by up to one hectare. Therefore, it is not necessary to remember the exact acreas.

Load Fields and Map pages faster

In particular, users with more soil blocks will feel a significant acceleration in loading the Fields page and the Map page. We have also slightly modified the Fields page to make it clearer for a larger number of cadastre.

Edit activities directly from the registers

You can now directly edit a specific activity in the records. Therefore, you no longer need to search the activity tab for a lengthy search.

Simple movement of stock cards between warehouses

You can now simply move the inventory card to another warehouse by simply dragging it.

We've put the warehouses in order.

The movement on the inventory card created through input input in the activity created its own inventory card for each activity. It has proved more appropriate from your experience to create movements on a stock card of a given type, if it already exists and not to create a new one. We have merged such stock cards into the same type within the same warehouse to make the warehouse much more easy for existing users.

GPS now shows the number of satellites

GPS will now notify you that it has a GPS signal problem. If it has fewer than three GPS satellites, it will announce it by changing the color in the machine overview to orange. You can also find the exact number of satellites right next to the icon.

Thank you for your favor,

Jiří Musil and the whole team

Jiří Musil, Managing Director of Agdata