• Do you want to know the economy of the crop in detail before the season?
  • Save up to 90% of the time spent creating records?
  • Know the weak and strong spots of the stands from the current satellite imagery?
  • Track rainfall totals in each field?
  • Know machine load ,fuel consumption or watch engine rewinds?
  • Do you always want to know what you currently have in the warehouse and what may be missing for planned work?
  • Plan spray application more efficiently?
  • To have order in the sowing process?
  • Get SMS notifications when the temperature in the potato warehouse drops below a certain limit?
  • To keep things tant at a time, not to miss important contract deadlines and not spend so much time on payments?

Agdata can do so much more. It is also a useful helper separately as a system and mobile application. But one of its greatest advantages is how it connects you to the data that the farm continuously brings – whether it is conditions in warehouses, stands or data from tractors and aggregations.

This saves the most time and money in conjunction with GPS units and sensors that help:

  • monitor the quality of stored grain or potatoes
  • moisture and temperature in the soil and microclimate of the plant
  • precipitation, temperature and wind speed in your field
  • or weuring the leaves in the crop

Smart GPS units relieve you of administrative burdens withcompletely automatic work recording , record consumption, engine speed or connected aggregation and many other parameters.

We are online and mobile

Open Agdata in any modern browser on your PC or mobile. At any moment, you have complete data about your farm. The Agdata NAVI mobile app can do everything online and will also help with parcel orientation. In your pocket, or in a durable tablet in a tractor, you have a complete agricultural system and simple field navigation at the same time. Agdata NAVI has already been downloaded by over 1000 users and we are really happy about this.

We are independent

We don't belong to any group, we're not members of any agricultural association. We're a young independent start-up with a strong investor behind us.

Where have you seen us lately?

In addition to The BreadwinnerCountry , where we met many of you in person, you could also see us on CzechTelevision , or read about us on iHned.cz and in Forbes magazine.

Jiří Musil, Managing Director of Agdata