This month, intensive work on new Agdata products culminated, and we are happy to introduce them to you before Christmas Eve. Agdata aims to facilitate the day-to-day management of the holding. In addition to tractor data, the first agdata meteo sensors can now be connected to the platform and have an overview of the temperatures and humidity in the warehouse and in the field.

Agdata Meteo TH1 and STH1

The first models from the Agdata Meteo series are the STH1 soil probe and the universal temperature and humidity sensor TH1. Both sensors are calibrated, fully integrated with Agdata, with up to 1 year battery life, extended 2-year warranty.

  • Agdata STH1 – soil probe continuously recording the temperature and humidity of soil and ambient air
  • Agdata TH1 – universal temperature and humidity sensor designed for outdoor and indoor use

New Agdata GPS X3 and Agdata ID Aggregation Chips

We have also significantly upgraded the GPS unit, the new version has a more powerful processor, it can report even during sleep, and the most important novelty is the possibility of connecting with chips to aggregation Agdata ID. You'll save time on recording and have a real-time perfect overview of the use of aggregations alongside tractors.

Maps now have the option to create and edit plots of your own parcels

On the right side of themap ( will now find a new control panel. Provides tools for simple creation and editing of parcel plots. You can create new parcels by clicking on "edit parcels" in the parcel info window in the map, where you can add, remove, or modify the validity of parcels in the list of all parcels on the soil block. Newly added parcels have a plot of the same as the attic block on which they are created. The parcel can then be edited using drawing tools, which are made available to you when you click on the "edit plot" in the parcel info window.

The new panel also integrates previously standalone features for creating protection zones and tracking machines and their routes. The machine page thus remains reserved only for the administration of tractors, installed GPS units and aggregation chips.


More detailed information about the new products, including prices, can be found on the If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us here or get in touch directly with a sales representative from your region – their contacts are available on the contacts page.

Thank you for your favor and for the whole team you a quiet experience of Vanoč holidays.


Jiří Musil, Managing Director of Agdata